As our search comes to a close, we would like to thank every single person who has been a part of the Match4Roshlind campaign! Whether it was by sharing our posts, donating to our gofundme, volunteering at one of our events, sending us prayers and well wishes and those who joined the registry for Roshlind.

Thank you to the individuals who shared our story and posts on facebook and instagram. The power of social media is undeniable and it is because of the thousands of shares and likes we received, that we had such an amazing turnout at all of our drives. Thank you also to the kind folks who took the time to leave us kind words through our social media accounts and for the emails we received through this website. Those words were a comfort during dark times.

Thank you also to the individuals and families who shared stories of their loved ones battles and their own personal struggles with us. It is your stories and triumphs that kept our family going strong in our own journey and search. Thank you also for those who came to the drives specifically to personally tell us they wanted to be that match for Roshlind, and for sharing tears, hugs and prayers with us. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are all a light in this world and you are all so, so, so strong and brave.

We also want to thank the organizations dedicated to saving lives everyday such as Canadian Blood Services, OneMatch and the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Thank you for taking care of not only Roshlind, but our whole family as well. Thank you also to the organizations  such as the Asian American Donor Program (AADP), Swab the World and The Chinese Toronto Catholic Task-Force who dedicate their efforts to raising awareness for the lack of ethnically diverse peoples in the database. Thank you also to AADP and The Chinese Toronto Catholic Task-Force for hosting drives on Roshlind's behalf all over the country and in California! You are real life superheroes!


Thank you to the local businesses who allowed us put posters up in their stores and for listening to our cause. You welcomed our family and our story with open arms and did not hesitate to help us share our plea with the Filipino community. Thank you to the churches who let us make announcements during mass/service and for allowing us to speak and educate their youth groups. A special thank you to Father Geoffrey Angeles of St. Mary's Cathedral in Winnipeg who made this cause his own! Thank you also to the restaurants who provided refreshments for our volunteers free of charge! And to the individuals who brought food for our volunteers during the donor drives. You are all so thoughtful!!

Thank you also for the small businesses and corporations who raised money for our cause. This campaign would not be possible without you!!!! A very Special thank you to Wawanesa Mutual Insurance and Bridlewood Eyecare! Thank you also to Unified Apparel for providing our t-shirts and thank you to Ming Lo in Edmonton for designing our posters free of charge. Thank you to Jason Abraham of SignDesign in Winnipeg for printing out extra posters, also free of charge! 

Thank you also to the media for helping our family share our story and for giving us a platform to raise awareness for the lack of ethnic minorities in the stem cell database. Thank you also for following our journey from the beginning and being there to share our pleas for help and our good news with the whole country! Thank you also to Canadian politicians Cindy Lamoureux, Kevin Lamoureux and Janice Morley-Lecomte for taking up our cause and sharing our story!!!!

A very special and heartfelt thank you to our extended families and friends for EVERYTHING. You guys are the best support system we could have ever asked for. Special thank you to friends turned family; Andrew Magnaye and Susan Nguyen from team Edmonton. There is absolutely no words to show our gratitude and appreciation for your hard work and efforts. We love you all so much!

THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO JOINED THE STEM CELL REGISTRY AFTER HEARING ROSHLIND'S STORY!!! We hope that you all will one day match with a patient in need!! Everyone deserves a match and we will make it our own personal mission to help everyone find a match.

Lastly, we would like to thank Roshlind’s match, wherever you are in the world. You have no idea how much it means to us that a complete stranger is willing to save Roshlind’s life! You are our angel and we hope we can one day thank you in person!

Throughout this journey, we have met so many amazing people who have all helped and contributed in their own way. We know we probably missed tons of people and we apologize, but please know how thankful we are! From the bottom of hearts.. thank you.